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Physical Therapy at First Care Health Center

Your care at First Care is complete and well-rounded. Whether you are recovering from rotator cuff surgery, preparing for a procedure, or working to regain strength and balance following a stroke, the Physical Therapy team at First Care is here for you. The Physical Therapy (PT) Department is located on the second floor of the facility. The PT team is driven to serve the community by improving health care quality and outcomes through the prevention, treatment, and management of impairments and health care needs of  patients of all ages.
The team’s ultimate goal is to maintain, restore, or improve their patients’ mobility and help reduce pain. This is accomplished through a commitment to personalized treatment plans with licensed professionals and patient education.
Each patient is treated with dignity in an uplifting and positive environment. The licensed staff is highly trained, competent, and caring. With distinguished and extensive services, the PT team serve patients of all ages and is dedicated to providing comprehensive evaluations and treatment plans that are uniquely personalized to each patient.  
First Care Health Center Physical Therapy   
Appointments: (701) 284-4682      Office Phone: (701) 284-4570    Fax: (701) 284-4581
115 Vivian Street              
P.O. Box I                         
Park River, ND 58270   
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