Tammy Clemetson, PA-C

Tammy Clemetson, PA-C is someone who has both sides of the NDSU-UND rivalry covered.

Tammy graduated from NDSU with a RN degree. After working as a nurse at First Care Health Center since 1986 she decided to become a Physician's Assistant. Tammy graduated from UND as a PA-C.

Tammy sees her work as more than what is confined within the walls of First Care Health Center and stated that working in health care "is a way to help improve the overall well-being of my community.” 

Tammy enjoys reading, shopping, scrap booking, sewing and hunting in her spare time.

First Care Health Center

115 Vivian Street

PO Box I

Park River, ND 58270

Phone: (701) 284-7500

Equal Opportunity Provider.

Equal Opportunity Employer.

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