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Volunteer Ambulance

The Park River Ambulance Service is an all-volunteer service that operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Dr. Barrie started the service in 1967, at which time there were 12 members from the Fire Department. A 1959 Cadillac was used to transport patients to the hospital.

Currently, there are 16 members on the squad ranging from EMT-B level to EMT-P level and 3 ambulances. They receive approximately 350 calls per year. The area of coverage is from Highway 18 to the west as far as Fairdale, south to Lankin, and north to Highway 66.

They assist in Mutual Aid with Valley Ambulance in Grafton. They also work with several Quick Response units within the coverage area, which includes:

  • Pisek QR

  • Adams QR

  • Edinburg QR

  • Lankin QR

  • Hoople QR

  • Fordville QR


The President of this service is Daniel Young, NREMT-P; Vice President is Arlen Simon, NREMT-B; and the Secretary is Cindy Staven, NREMT-I.

For information about joining the service, please call First Care Health Center and ask for Dan or Cindy at (701) 284-7500.

Visit the Walsh County EMS website for more information about the volunteer ambulance service.

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