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Insurance & Assistance

It is very important to us that financial obligations are not worrying our patients and restricting their ability to put their care first.

The following resources are designed to assist your need for financial assistance:


Medicaid is a primary source of insurance for low-income and disadvantaged individuals. To receive Medicaid, you must submit an application and any additional information as requested. To complete an application, you may apply online at or contact your local Human Service Zone office. The Northern Valley Human Service Zone phone number (serving Walsh, Pembina, and Cavalier Counties) is 701-265-8441. 

For more information on Medicaid Expansion, visit

Children's Health Insurance Program / Healthy Steps

The State of North Dakota has an assistance program for working families with children that do not qualify for Medicaid but still cannot afford insurance. To complete an application, you can apply online at or contact the local Social Services office. Northern Valley Human Service Zone office's number is 701-265-8441. Eligibility is based on income and children’s age.

Insurance Marketplace

The Affordable Care Act has established an online marketplace for individuals to apply for health insurance. The 2022 Open Enrollment period has ended. However, special enrollments are still available due to certain life changes. Otherwise, 2023 enrollment begins November 1, 2022. You can apply online at or by contacting the Social Services Department at First Care Health Center by calling 701-284-4611.

Financial Assistance

First Care Health Center provides financial assistance and counseling for uninsured and underinsured people of limited means, without regard to race, ethnicity, sexual preference, gender, religion, gender identity, or national origin. Financial assistance includes, but is not limited to, full or partial charity write-off, community care, or reduced monthly payments. 




Any questions or concerns about insurance and assistance can be answered by contacting the First Care Health Center Business Office at 701-284-4501 or the First Care Health Center Social Services Department at 701-284-4611. More information and resources regarding Financial Assistance at FCHC can be found in the downloadable documents below. 


First Care Health Center serves all patients regardless of ability to pay.

There is a discounted/sliding fee schedule available based on family size and income.

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